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About Ryan Mills

I’ve been drawing pictures since I was old enough to hold a pen, and watching horror movies nearly as long. I’ve dabbled in other mediums – including a stint teaching acrylic painting classes for four years – but am always drawn back to the starkness of black and white.

My published work includes interior illustrations for updated editions of CriteriumThe Dark Side of the Room, and Almost Ruth by Tyler Jones. I designed the front and back cover and contributed interior illustrations to Enter Softly, also by Tyler Jones.

In 2021 I worked on illustrating Burn the Plans by Tyler Jones, coming 2022 from Cemetery Gates Media. I also contributed illustrations to the StokerCon 2022 Souvenir Book, coming soon from Burial Day.

In my free time, I have a passion for reading Stephen King and a wide variety of horror novels, and for interior design. I live with my fiancé and our retired greyhound, Noodle.



Important Shop Update

Hello! Today I am announcing the final month(s) of my online shop via Etsy. I began making horror the subject of a lot of my art back in 2018 with a lengthy series depicting scenes from my favorite horror films. It exploded in 2019, when I decided to make an online shop with prints to

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Announcing New Projects

Hello! It’s been a while, but I’ve been busy behind the scenes. One of the hurdles of illustration is that people often forget that’s what I do. When 95% of what I’m working on is kept under wraps until publication, it can be hard to keep my portfolio and website updated routinely. That’s why I’m

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Burn the Plans is here.

It’s publication day for Tyler Jones’ first short story collection, Burn the Plans. It’s his day, and it’s a fantastic read filled with strong short horror fiction. I enjoyed reading these stories over the course of 2021 just as much as I enjoyed drawing them. All fifteen stories in the collection are accompanied by an

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New shoppable prints: Ghostface

Hello! Since I have some free time between jobs, I decided to put my own spin on the viral picture of Ghostface standing in the rain on the set of Scream 5. He’s pretty adorable. You can shop this print in two separate sizes: 8×10 or 9×12. Find them here:

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Exclusive Illustration Reveal: Charwood from Burn the Plans

I’m excited to share the second exclusive illustration from Tyler Jones’ upcoming short story collection, Burn the Plans. Burn the Plans contains 15 chilling stories, and I was lucky to be asked to provide artwork for all of them. The collection will be available February 28 from Cemetery Gates Media. This exclusive illustration is from

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Exclusive Illustration Reveal: Burn the Plans by Tyler Jones

I’m excited to reveal the first exclusive illustration I created for Tyler Jones’ upcoming short story collection, Burn the Plans. Burn the Plans contains fifteen chilling, finely-crafted stories, and I was very fortunate to work on illustrations for all of them. The piece we’re revealing today is from “A Sharp Black Line.” Burn the Plans

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Book Review: Maiden by TC Parker & Ward Nerdlo

At least once a week I ask myself, “What if The Lighthouse was good?” Maiden attempts, but does not quite succeed in answering the question. Although, for a decent portion of the book I was reminded strongly of classic haunted house stories, which are perhaps my favorite subgenre. Think Darcy Coates’ The Carrow Haunt: a

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