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Announcing New Projects

Hello! It’s been a while, but I’ve been busy behind the scenes.

One of the hurdles of illustration is that people often forget that’s what I do. When 95% of what I’m working on is kept under wraps until publication, it can be hard to keep my portfolio and website updated routinely.

That’s why I’m excited to announce two new projects I’m working on in spring and summer of 2022.

First, I’m collaborating with Sadie Hartmann and Cemetery Gates Media to bring exclusive interior title illustrations to Sadie’s line of curated horror novellas, My Dark Library.

Second, I am working with author Cooper S. Beckett to provide illustrations for the second book in the Prudence Osgood series, Osgood Riddance. Both installments will be re-published with updated covers.

Lastly, StokerCon is quickly approaching! As far as I know, attendance is required to go home with a copy of the official StokerCon 2022 Souvenir Book, edited by Cynthia Pelayo. The book contains 8 original illustrations by me, as well as a host of incredible content from outstanding members of the horror community. I am not sure if virtual attendance counts, so please check in with @StokerCon on Twitter for more information.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter @ryanm642, and follow @CooperSBeckett, @SadieHartmann, and @CemeteryGatesM to stay updated on these exciting projects.

I’ll be back with new and important news regarding my online shop soon!




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