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New Work Reveal: The Bonny Swans by PL Watts

I’m very pleased to share some new work with you! Book 5 of the proposed 6 installments of Sadie Hartmann’s and Cemetery Gates’ My Dark Library series will be out soon: The Bonny Swans by PL Watts. I have not read the story yet, but was inspired by their description to channel classic Victorian settings and art. I’m pretty proud of the result, and hopefully you like it, too!

Beyond the final installment in this series, what else do I have on the horizon? The very special collector’s editions of Turn Up the Sun by Tyler Jones are still on the way; I’ll be receiving the signature sheets soon to sign and include with all special copies. I’m also working on the cover for Tyler’s next book, Heavy Oceans, which will be put out by DarkLit Press.

Also coming from DarkLit Press is The Devil’s Pocketbook by Ross Jeffery. I’m excited to collaborate with Ross again to bring about 5 illustrations to his new story.

Title Page for The Bonny Swans



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